How to Send Money Online

We believe sending money to your loved ones should be stress free and we pride ourselves on keeping things simple and accessible for everyone. In-stores or online through our website or mobile apps, whichever your prefer, you will always be able to make your money transfer in just a few easy steps. On your second visit, you will definitely be amazed by our services.

How it works

Register with us

We are licensed money transfer services and as such we take no shortcuts when it comes to complying rules set by the government, after all it is for the safety of your money with us. On your first visit we walk you with a detailed onboarding process which takes around 5 minutes and once completed your next visit is a breeze.

Verify at your nearest branch

Only for customers who have registered with us online through our website or mobile app, we need to meet you in person to verify your documents for the first time only, once the verification is done either by you visiting our branch or our representative coming to your door step, all lengthy processes are complete. Thereafter you can now process all your money transfer in less than a minute.

Send money from your location

We understand you prefer to send money at your ease, and we provide you with all means to make it happen. All registered and verified customers can get direct access to our online system, which is available through our website and IOS/Android App and make money transfer at your own convenience. You can still visit our stores to make new friends from your lovely country.


We are always there to help you.


Track your transfers on the go, or make new ones in a couple of taps.